• analysis and registration of primary documents according to accounting regulations and management reporting needs;
  • recording of fixed assets, calculation of depreciation;
  • recording of inventory items and protective equipment;
  • stock recording, discharge;
  • recording of expense statements;
  • registration of lending and leasing operations;
  • registration of bank statements and cash transactions;
  • marking payments / receipts;
  • monthly revaluation of monetary accounts in foreign currencies;
  • VAT specific operations: VAT collection / closing VAT regime;
  • preparation / validation of VAT journals;
  • closing operations of the period: registration of direct taxes, finalization of the checking balance;
  • preparation and submission of periodic tax returns related to direct taxes, VAT and others;
  • preparation of monthly reports to the Group, according to the agreed requirements and schedule;
  • preparation of annual financial statements and half-yearly accounting reports;
  • various approved reports and related services.

We can perform accounting in both our software and the client’s software if this avoids duplication of operations.

       The advantages of outsourcing accounting services to the LARA ACCOUNTING team are:

  • Access to the experience of a team of professionals in the field, on a wide range of accounting and tax expertise, expertise and resources that cannot be achieved in an internal accounting department.
  • Dedicated team coordinated by the manager.
  • Ability to focus more on the operational area than to coordinate or control your own financial-accounting department.
  • Eliminate the risk of running out of resources due to labor market fluctuations.
  • Confidentiality of information.
  • Ongoing information about legislative changes so you can make real-time decisions for your company.
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