After setting up a company at the Trade Register, it is necessary to prepare a series of documents in relation to ANAF, BNR, the Institute of Statistics, local taxes and other authorities.

 These generally cover the following issues:

  • registration of the power of attorney required for the electronic signing and online submission of tax returns;
  • registration for access to the Private Virtual Space;
  • verification of the fiscal vector set in the ANAF systems;
  • registration in the fiscal vector as payer of salaries;
  • purchase of various mandatory journals and registers;
  • various administrative documents – decisions allocating numbers, financial-accounting forms, appointment decision responsible for communication with the National Office for Prevention and Combating Money Laundering and others provided by law;
  • preparation and submission of ANAF documents for registration for VAT purposes.

The LARA ACCOUNTING team performs these activities for its clients.

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