By outsourcing payroll and personnel management you will benefit from additional resources to focus on developing other human resource processes in the organization.

By collaborating with LARA ACCOUNTING you benefit from a team of specialists dedicated to your organization while avoiding bureaucratic work, but also the costs and risks associated with this human resources activity, while benefiting from data security and accuracy and compliance with applicable law.

Together with our specialists, choose the combination of services that best covers the needs of your company:

  • preparation of all personnel documents according to the legislation or at the request of the employees;
  • management of personnel files, periodic audit and their archiving;
  • the management of the calculation of the monthly salary  (salary statements, payment orders, declarations to the state authorities, etc.);
  • preparation of salary payment files in the format accepted by the bank you work with;
  • preparing regular reports that you can import into your management software, including payroll accounting notes;
  • meal voucher management including ordering of meal or gift cards;
  • operation of the Electronic Register of Employee Records (REVISAL);
  • preparation of the D112 declaration;
  • maintaining the database of employees in a high-performance software;
  • permanent assistance and consultancy in daily operations.

Complete takeover of interactions with state institutions (FNUASS, AJOFM, etc.) assistance and representation during the controls from the State Authorities.

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